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Restaurant Week Hawaii November 15th ~ 24th 2019

Join us for dinner at Arancino Kahala for Restaurant Week!

Arancino at The Kahala will be participating in Restaurant Week Hawaii from November 15th – November 24th!



$65 per person
wine pairing available
(Menu available for Dinner only)


Antipasto Freddo

fresh ahi, kona kampachi, avocado tartare, tobiko

マグロとカンパチのタルターレ ミルフィーユ仕立て


Antipasto Caldo

soft-poached then fried local waimana tkg egg, black truffles, mushroom parmigiano reggiano sauce

ワイマナロの新鮮卵とトリュフのフライド・ポーチドエッグ パルミジャーノソースを添えて



fresh tagliatelle, prosciutto di parma, mixed mushrooms, white wine cream sauce

キノコと生ハムのクリームソース タリアテッレ

-  or -

linguine, mussels, garlic pomodoro sauce

ムール貝のリングイネ トマトソース仕立て



sous vide then seared muscovy duck breast, potatoes, haricot vert, green apples, pickled shallots, red wine reduction

鴨胸肉のロースト 赤ワインのソースとともに 



lemon mousse, almond praline, cinnamon dacquoise, citrus coulis

レモンのムース さくさくアーモンドプラリネとのハーモニー


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Restaurant Week Hawaii–Showcasing Hawaii’s restaurants and supporting the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head

Restaurant Week Hawaii is a celebration of the cuisine scene in Hawaii. From fine dining to fast-food, participating restaurants will feature special menu items, promotions and discounts. Diners can sample Hawaii’s newest restaurants, dine at old favorites and taste a variety of exceptional dishes now being prepared by Hawaii’s chefs using locally grown produce. Restaurant Week is a reminder that Hawaii is a culinary destination with top chefs, farm to table dining, wonderful wine and a lot more to discover and explore.