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Arancino di Mare reopens

20% off all menus (including drinks) by showing your local ID.

This is a special offer only for locals, so come and take this opportunity.

Enjoy award-winning Italian cuisine in our spacious terrace with excellent ventilation.

Arancino Beachwalk and Arancino Kahala are currently closed


<Business Hours>

Lunch 11:30 am - 2:30 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Dinner 4:30 pm-8:30 pm (Tue-Sun)  Last seating 8:30 pm


Lunch/DinnerTakeout/Delivery,   Lunch Specials,   Beverage


Open Table or call us directly (931-6273)


For dining guests, park your car at the parking lot at the corner of Kuhio and Ohua, opposite the Marriott. See Parking map below. Show your Arancino dining receipt to the attendant when you leave. It will be free of charge.

<Free Kid’s Pizza Giveaway>

GREAT NEWS FOR KIDS! Every Friday at 3pm, we have a FREE kids pizza giveaway! A freshly made FREE kids pizza to the first 50 people in the drive through.

See drive thru map below.

Refrain from arriving before 3 pm as it may cause traffic congestion. In accordance with our "no-touch" policy, you can pick up at the drive-through without getting out of the car. This promotion continues until further notice so come on in quick!



アランチーノ・マリオット店 再開!




ランチ  11:30 am – 2:30 pm (土・日曜)
ディナー 4:30 pm – 8:30pm    (火~日曜) ラストシーティング 8:30 pm


ディナー/ランチ、 テイクアウト/デリバリー、 ランチスペシャル、 ドリンク


Open Table または直接お電話(931-6273)で。



現在マリオットホテルが閉鎖中のため、屋外駐車場をご用意しています(上記、地図をご覧ください)。お帰りの際にアランチーノで受け取られたレシートをパーキングの監視員にお見せください。無料となります。Ohua Aveのマリオット・ワイキキの向かいの屋外駐車場へはOhua Aveの右側にある入り口からお入りください。